Dyslexia Does Not Go Away After Childhood

You Can Help Other Adults with Dyslexia

  • "I experience a lot of anxiety and stress regarding my dyslexia."
  • "Other people don't see the amount of hard work that someone with dyslexia puts forth to accomplish the same task."
  • "Just because I am not doing the best that I want doesn't mean I am not doing my best."

These compelling statements are from adults with dyslexia who participated in the first of a series of studies on how dyslexia affects their day to day lives. Your participation will help bring validation to the experiences of adults with dyslexia and identify the pathways to living successfully with a hidden learning difference that is prone to misunderstanding.

If you are an adult with dyslexia 21 years or older (diagnosed or self-identified) and want to make a difference, please consider participating in our study.

  1. Visit the study´s home webpage at www.successwithdyslexia.com and please complete the on-line survey.
  2. If you would like additional information, please contact Dr. Blace A. Nalavany (nalavanyb@ecu.edu) or Dr. Lena Carawan (carawanl@ecu.edu) of the East Carolina University School of Social Work toll free at 1-877-261-9822.

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